In a bid to equip young people with 21st century competencies and help them employ it in the learning process, Rebook Africa has embarked on a digital skills 4 good training project for them. It’s been seen in developed societies how learning has been improved using digital means and devices, however in Africa we still struggle with the usage of these devices. One problem is that they are not largely available, another major problem is that we either don’t know how to use them or we abuse them. In this light, we have positioned ourselves as an organization that is committed to improving learning in Africa by training these young ones on the usage of these devices and how they can use them in learning.

In November 2018, Rebook Africa held the Digital Skills 4 Good Bootcamp for over 100 pupils selected from four local public primary schools in Otta Community, Ogun State Area after receiving a Peace First seed grant. The two weekend program exposed the teenagers to the usage of computers. They were taught the basic computer navigations and how to use the Microsoft Office Word Application. At the end of the bootcamp, 90% of them were able to start up a computer, launch a word program, type in it, save, and then shut down a computer. Apart from this, their phobia for using digital devices were totally eradicated, and instead of being afraid of its usage, they now understand how these devices can be used to improve their learning. The bootcamp was handled by 15 volunteer facilitators who trained the teenagers in group.

Obasanjo Fajemirokun, one of the volunteer facilitators leading a session.

An exciting moment during the training

Oluwaseun Kayode, Team Lead of Rebook Africa addressing the beneficiaries.

We understand that the bootcamp is not sufficient to equip the pupils with these digital sklls, this is why we created the Tech Mentorship Program. Tech Mentorship Program is one of our core programs at Rebook Africa, and it is designed to equip young people with tech expertise especially with regards web and graphics designing. Out of the 100 pupils, we were able to select 25 of them who will proceed to the tech mentorship program next year which will run from January to June 2019. On this program, each of them will be attached to a tech mentor who will train them on either or both of our two focus areas. By June 2019, we hope to have 25 young people who will become active and responsible citizens because of the skills they have acquired.