Rebook Africa is an organization committed to expanding learning opportunities for young people across Africa irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that our growth and development lies in the hands of our most resourceful asset – the youth. Therefore, we continually seek for ways to develop the human capacity of young people across the continent.

The Tech Mentorship Program is one of our core programs at Rebook Africa, and it is designed to equip young people with tech expertise especially with regards to the use of digital devices like the computer. This is our contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals, and also a way of preparing our most resourceful people for the future which will be driven by technology.

The Digital Skills 4 Good boot camp precedes the Tech Mentorship Program. At the 2 – 4 days boot camp, we gather and host over 50 young people where they are trained on basic computer navigations and computer appreciation. After which about 10 of them will be selected to proceed to the 6 months Tech Mentorship Program. At the end of 6 months, we would have equipped these young ones with computer proficiency, while they choose the area they’ll like to major in – web designing or graphics designing.


The tech mentors are young individuals who volunteer their time, efforts and resources in ensuring that the Tech Mentorship Program is worthwhile to the beneficiaries. They facilitate the training sessions and take the beneficiaries through basic computer navigations, computer appreciation, web designing and graphics designing.


  • Must be between the age of 18 – 35;
  • Must be at least proficient in computer appreciation (Microsoft Office Packages, Corel draw, etc.) and expertise in web designing and/or graphics designing is an added advantage;
  • Must be a resident of the adopted community or its environs.



  • Dedicate at least 10 hours in a month for six months to train the beneficiaries;
  • Bring along resources such as personal laptop and relevant digital devices to the training venue;
  • Strict adherence to Rebook Africa’s Child Protection Policy;
  • Present a report on each beneficiary attached to him/her.
  • Give valuable feedbacks that will help improve the program.



  • Tech Mentors will receive lunch during training session;
  • Certificate of service will be awarded to the tech mentors at the end of the program;
  • Tech Mentors might receive transportation stipend if and when necessary;
  • Recommendation letters will be made available upon requests;
  • Tech Mentors can present our work at Rebook Africa as part of their efforts when applying to programs and international opportunities.